Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jeremy's Top Ten Beatles Songs

Parties rehearsals as of late have been great as we prepare to release our new record. Adam is an awesome guitar player, watch out for our dueling 12 strings! So we've been tightening up all the tunes on the record but we've also been having a little fun playing all kinds of covers, some for real like who tunes and kinks tunes, but most of the time we're just fucking around. We did rock n' roll by led zeppelin the other night, the INXS Kick record, and a bunch of hair metal tunes, but last Tuesday night we played a Beatles tune and it was bad ass! So we are going to cover it. I told the band that it was in my top ten of all Beatles songs and I got to thinking, well is it? With so many rad songs could I actually condense this list into 10 songs? Here's my first try...

10. Tomorrow Never Knows
9. I Feel Fine
8. Dr. Robert
7. I'm Only Sleeping
6. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
5.  I Should've Known Better
4. If I Needed Someone
3. She Said, She Said
2. Rain
1. And Your Bird Can Sing

It's kind of Revolver heavy! Songs on that just missed the cut...Lovely Rita, Don't Let Me Down, Ballad of John and Yoko, Across the Universe, Don't Bother Me, You Can't Do that, Sexy Sadie.

John? Adam? Rex? Maybe we can get a band consensus.


Adam said...

The thing with Beatles songs, is that when you're choosing favorites, there are so many other factors that go into it besides just which are the best ones. There are the songs that I heard as a kid that I have sentimental attachements to, there are the songs I heard in high school for the first time when the UK versions of the records came out on CD, there are the songs that sank in years down the road after listening to tons of other music influenced by them... there are just so many different roads that lead me to my favorites, and the list changes all the time. As of today, here is my top 10:

10. Here Comes the Sun
09. I've Just Seen a Face
08. Rain
07. She Said, She Said
06. Ticket to Ride
05. I'm Down
04. Paperback Writer
03. Penny Lane
02. Abbey Road side 2 medley
01. Hey Bulldog

JM said...

that's a solid list...minus "penny lane" which almost made my "top ten worst"
piccolo trumpets blow!