Sunday, October 19, 2008

Record Release Weekend Recap

What a great weekend for celebrating the release of the new CD. The show at Old I in Sacramento was a lot of fun. It was a pleasure to finally meet the High Dials, and get completely blown away by their set. Great guys to watch perform and to drink with.

(the Highly Dialed soundcheck)

Jay Shaner & the Cowboy Killers also did a great set and James the drummer was kind enough to let us crash at his place, make us a late night spaghetti dinner, and let John bang on the piano until 4 in the morning. He actually came up with a pretty cool song. I hope he remembers how to play it!

(the Morgan/Powers hit factory)

Last night at Hotel Utah was incredible. I can't remember the last time I played a show that went so perfectly well. The place was packed and pretty much stayed that way until the very end. Guillermo spun some great tunes between sets, and both the High Dials and the Parson Redheads were phenomenal. I mean that in all regards. The Redheads were the kindest, sweetest bunch of folks you could meet, and their talent on stage was truly inspiring. And the Dials were just a class act all the way. Trevor unnecessarily apologized for playing a long set (which felt to me like 20 minutes) while the rest of the band cleared the stage of their gear faster than I've ever seen in my life. Those guys are freaking pros!

Furthermore, the support from both bands was just tremendously cool. Looking out into the audience during our set and watching Brette from the Redheads dancing around in her gym shorts, or Seamus from the Dials trying to air drum in the John Morgan style, all adding to the Party vibe was awesome. And we were all psyched when Parson Sam jumped on stage with us during a cover song with his technicolor tambourine. That dude is just a natural born star. But most importantly, our friends, family, and the random music fans that kept the place packed all night were fantastic. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and we're flattered that we were not allowed off stage until we ran out of material. Everyone just made the night a complete success. Thank you all!

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