Friday, January 9, 2009

byrds-top 10 (songs they played....not necessarily wrote!)

10. changing heart
9. we'll meet again
8. satisfied mind
7. ballad of easy rider
6. my back pages
5. I am a pilgrim
4. bells of rhymney
3. all i really want to do
2. chimes of freedom (ties with) hey, mr. spaceman
1. I feel a whole lot better

**definite NO WAYS- "turn, turn turn," and "i knew id want you"
reasons "turn, turn, turn" has been played to death (thank you "freedom rock" commercial, and "i knew id want you" just plain sucks)

Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man, Christian Life, 100 years From Now...all could have made the list, but I was in a 12 string mood...not pedal steel. Ill post my top 10 country songs soon.

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